These spaces can be used for group study, virtual instruction, appointments, or other needs, such as virtual meetings with University Counseling Service, Student Care and Assistance, or Student Health.

Available Student Spaces

Set up a room reservation

  • Open the Office 365 Calendar website.
  • Choose New Event in your Outlook calendar.
  • Add a title for your reservation event. You may also add other people in Invite attendees field.
  • Choose a date and time for your room reservation (include both start and end times).
  • If you are at the room you want to reserve, enter the room code in "search for room or location."
    • To search for other available rooms, see "find a room" below.
  • Save your meeting.
  • Check your email to for a reservation confirmation.

Find a room on campus

  • Browse the list of available rooms here
  • Rooms prefaced with "RES-" are NOT available for usage in this capacity
  • To find an available room on campus, follow the "set up a room reservation" instructions above, then:
  • In the "Search for a room or location" field, use these tips to search rooms
    • The format for available student spaces is STU-PVT-BUILDINGCODE-ROOMNUMBER
    • STU-PVT (this will list all student rooms available on campus)
    • Alternatively, after you have clicked into the "Search for a room or location" field, you can select "Browse with room finder" and search by "STU BuildingCode"
  • Click "SEND" once your room has been added.
  • You will receive an email stating whether your reservations has been accepted.

Room usage guidelines

  • Rooms can be booked for 1.5 hour increments.
  • Be respectful of other students’ time. Exit the space promptly when your reservation time is over.
  • If someone else is in the space when a student arrives, they should knock 5 minutes before the start time of their reservation to alert the student in the room that someone is waiting.